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Shop Local Black Friday Sales @ PK Sonoma

Black Friday Sale!

PK Sonoma’s “Tru” Blue German Azulen Chamomile Balm was developed after many years working with German Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita). One of the most rare and expensive essential oils, it has a lovely blue color that imparts a greenish hue to the final product. Upon steam distillation, German Chamomile produces Azulen properties. The Proazulenes in the herb produce Chamazulene, which is markedly antiallergenic. We use only the finest German Chamomile, grown and distilled by a small farm to maintain the highest quality.

Handmade in Small Batches from the finest Rose Absolute from Morocco or Bulgaria, our “Anywear, Anytime” moisturizer offers gentle relief for your face and eyes, combats dry skin with a pure, natural, true rose scent

If you love Lavender and also Chamomile this is a perfect combination for calming and relaxing not only the skin but the senses.

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