Azulen “Tru” Blue German Chamomile Balm




Azulen “Tru” Blue German Chamomile Balm

• One of our “Any wear,  Anytime” moisturizers – gentle enough for the face and eye area
• Fast, natural skin relief
• Gentle enough for a baby’s diaper rash, yet effective on psoriasis and eczema
• Seals, heals and protects
• Stops the itch and soothes stressed skin of all types

Our soothing Azulen balm has become our most popular product with testimonials coming in from around the country praising the soothing and healing affects it has on all kinds of stressed or itchy skin.

PK Sonoma’s Azulen Balm was developed after many years working with German Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita). One of the most rare and expensive essential oils, it has a lovely blue color that imparts a greenish hue to the final product. Upon steam distillation, German Chamomile produces Azulen properties. The Proazulenes in the herb produce Chamazulene, which is markedly antiallergenic. We use only the finest German Chamomile, grown and distilled by a small farm to maintain the highest quality.

Safe and gentle enough for a baby’s diaper rash, yet effective on severely stressed skin, psoriasis, or eczema. A small amount spreads, seals and protects. May be used around the delicate area of the eye to combat puffiness and dryness. Excellent as a facial and neck moisturizer. A true essential that is pure, natural and effective. From PK Sonoma for your skin’s pleasure!   This product seals, heals and protects

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